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We count.

Financial value

FinTree was founded in 2008, born from a passion for finance. Since 2018 it is a part of LifeTree’s holistic concept.

Imagine you are a student and you have developed a global citizenship game. But you have no idea whatsoever on how to obtain the funds for it. Nor about what else you need for that. FinTree can advise you and provide support in this process.

Through FinTree we offer our network support in the field of financial (personnel) issues. In addition to the social value perspective, we can provide specific expertise that is needed to solve financial issues.

Furthermore, we help LifeTree’s cooperation partners to further develop their financial value, so they can stand on their own two feet, and do what they are good at and where their passion lies. By offering advice and support in the field finance and taxes, FinTree contributes to strengthening their financial value, in the broadest sense of the word.

The support that FinTree offers its network consists of:

Furthermore, we help them strengthen their network by, among other things, forming a community. In this community, connection and cooperation between all partners are central. It is about sharing knowledge, expertise, experience, network and activities. After all, together as a team, we can achieve much more than on our own. In this way, everyone's individual financial value can grow within the whole. One plus one is three, and thus, synergy!

We count

The FinTree network also includes funding partners. These partners are of great importance to social entrepreneurs, to help their business grow and to reach independence. Everything with the aim of sharing our joint network with each other and thus strengthening our mutual added value. In this way, more (financial) insight can be created for all parties, so that the continuity of the social initiatives can be guaranteed for the longer term. After all, We count…